On the Dregs of Cooperstown

As part of my previous piece on the BBWAA, I mentioned some of the most questionable choices the writers have made for the Hall of Fame. In so many ways, the Hall is more about the fringe members (and non-members) than the inner-circle guys, and the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of players (and non-players) who probably ought to be thrown OUT of the Hall.

So, that’s my mission today – to create an “All-Star” team of players, managers and executives who don’t belong in Cooperstown.

A brief disclaimer: None of the players I’m going to mention were, in any sense of the term, bad. They all played at least 10 seasons in the major leagues, and they all had their moments of greatness. They deserve to be recognized and celebrated. I just don’t think they were good enough to be even borderline Hall of Famers.

For the most part, I used the baseball-reference.com version of WAR to compile this list. Exceptions are noted.


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