On Baseball Players by State, 1-10

The Old Dominion State, Virginia
272 Major League players have come from Virginia, including Hall of Fame starting pitcher Eppa Rixey. An ace left-hander for the Phillies and Reds in the 1910s and ’20s, Rixey posted a lifetime 3.15 ERA in nearly 4,500 frames. He also struck out just 1,350, not much more than a batter every three innings. It was a different time.
  • Most Hits: Paul Hines (2133)
  • Most Home Runs: Willie Horton (325)
  • Most Steals: Tony Womack (363)
  • Most Wins (Pitcher): Rixey (266)
  • Most Strikeouts: Bobby Witt (1955)
  • Most Saves: Hard-throwing left-hander Billy Wagner (422, fifth all-time)
  • Most Wins (Manager): Jim Lemon (65). Despite being home to many players, Virginia hasn’t exactly been a hotbed of managerial talent.
  • Best Active Player: Tigers ace Justin Verlander, who became the first pitcher to win the MVP award in nearly two decades just a couple of years ago, earns this spot.
  • Hall of Famers: Rixey remains the lone representative for now.
  • Other Notables: Virginia seems to be a great place for Major League families, as it’s given us the father-son tandem of Randy and Todd Hundley along with brothers B.J. and Justin Upton. Other current notables include David Wright and Michael Cuddyer.
Bonus: The District of Columbia
Washingtonians may not have voting representation in Congress, but they’ve been represented by 97 MLB players, including Maury Wills. The famed Dodgers speedster is often credited with re-popularizing the stolen base back in the ’60s, and he took home an MVP award in 1962 on the strength of his 104 thefts. Wills probably didn’t deserve the hardware, but he was still an excellent player.
  • Most Hits: Wills (2134)
  • Most Home Runs: Don Money (176)
  • Most Steals: Wills (586, 20thall-time)
  • Most Wins (Pitcher): Doc White (189)
  • Most Strikeouts: White (1384)
  • Most Saves: Johnny Klippstein (66)
  • Most Wins (Manager): Pop Snyder (163)
  • Best Active Player: That’s probably Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan, though “best” is a relative term. He’s coming off a season in which he hit below the Mendoza Line.
  • Hall of Famers: None. As best I can tell, Wills is the only DC-born player to get any real support, and he’s a long shot at best.
  • Other Notables: Brendan Donnelly, Milt Thompson and the marvelously named Frank Funk.

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