On Baseball Players by State, 1-10

The Old Line State, Maryland
304 Major League players have come from Maryland, many of them tremendous, but no one beats Babe Ruth. After a standout pitching career, he moved to the outfield to become the most dominant hitter the game has ever seen, and his name remains synonymous with greatness across the entire world of sports.
  • Most Hits: Cal Ripken, Jr. (3184, 15th all-time). The Iron Man would have been at the top of the list in almost any other state, but in Maryland he comes up short.
  • Most Home Runs: Ruth (714, third all-time)
  • Most Steals: Buck Herzog (320)
  • Most Wins (Pitcher): Lefty Grove (300, 23rd all-time). Like Ripken, Grove would have been the best ever on just about any other list.
  • Most Strikeouts: Grove (2266)
  • Most Saves: Steve Farr (132)
  • Most Wins (Manager): Ray Miller (266)
  • Best Active Player: He may be in decline, but Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira still owns this spot.
  • Hall of Famers: Ruth, Ripken, Grove, Al Kaline, Jimmie Foxx, Frank “Home Run” Baker and Vic Willis.
  • Other Notables: Harold Baines, Charlie “King Kong” Keller, Brady Anderson, Denny Neagle, Brian Jordan, Jeff Nelson, Chris Coghlan and Gavin Floyd.
The Palmetto State, South Carolina
South Carolina has given us 174 players, including a very contentious head of the class: Shoeless Joe Jackson. Of course, Jackson is most (in)famous for his involvement in the Black Sox scandal, but he was a fantastic player beforehand. Amazingly, he never won a batting title despite hitting .356 for his career. Playing at the same time as Ty Cobb will do that.
  • Most Hits: Red Sox slugger Jim Rice (2452)
  • Most Home Runs: Rice (382)
  • Most Steals: Mookie Wilson (327)
  • Most Wins (Pitcher): Hard-luck right-hander Bobo Newsom (211)
  • Most Strikeouts: Newsom (2082)
  • Most Saves: Bill Landrum (58)
  • Most Wins (Manager): Marty Marion (356)
  • Best Active Player: Yankees speedster Brett Gardner, a four-win player this year.
  • Hall of Famers: Besides Rice, there’s Larry Doby, the man who broke the color line in the American League.
  • Other Notables: Bobby Richardson, Willie Randolph, Orlando Hudson, Reggie Sanders, Matt Wieters and Ken “Hawk” Harrelson.
The Granite State, New Hampshire
Only 51 major league players have come from New Hampshire, the best of whom is likely right-hander Chris Carpenter. After an inconsistent stretch with the Blue Jays, Carpenter hit his stride with the St. Louis Cardinals, winning a Cy Young in 2005 and posting several other tremendous seasons. He’s been bitten by the injury bug more than his fair share of times, but when healthy, he’s been among the best.
  • Most Hits: Deadball Era star Arlie Latham (1836)
  • Most Home Runs: Phil Plantier (91)
  • Most Steals: Latham (742, seventh all-time)
  • Most Wins (Pitcher): Mike Flanagan (167)
  • Most Strikeouts: Carpenter (1697)
  • Most Saves: The Beard, Brian Wilson (171)
  • Most Wins (Manager): Frank Selee (1284)
  • Best Active Player: Carpenter hasn’t retired (Update: He announced his retirement on 11/20), but he also hasn’t thrown a pitch since 2012. Wilson has had his own injury problems, but he’s currently the best active New Hampshire native on the strength of a late-season comeback with the Dodgers.
  • Hall of Famers: Selee is in as a manager, and that’s it.
  • Other Notables: Stan Williams, Bob Tewksbury and Red Rolfe.

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